I believe strikeouts are fascist. I believe she's got a mind for business and a bod for sin. I believe Solo will be fun, but Cloverfield Paradox was bad. I believe in three guys talking movies from the 80s in a podcast that lasts for a couple of hours. I believe we're talking about Bull Durham and Working Girl.

New Movie News:

Solo trailer, The Cloverfield Paradox, new Benji movie coming to Netflix, Ant-Man & The Wasp [1:05]

The Movies:

Background info & trailers for Bull Durham and Working Girl [29:06]

Bull Durham discussion [42:23]

Working Girl discussion [1:17:51]

Wrap-up & Next Episodes [1:46:09]

The trailers:




After Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered in 1987, Disney tried their hand at a sci-fi series with a starship manned by a crew of teenagers who are off to colonize a new planet to escape the dying planet Earth. The Wonderful World of Disney presented a two-night event: "Earth Star Voyager."

Intro [0:00]

Background info & trailer for "Earth Star Voyager" [4:36]

"Earth Star Voyager" discussion [11:16]

Wrap-up & Next Episodes [1:03:41]

The movie:



Join us on a journey through all of the feels as we jump even further back from 1988 into prehistoric times with the children’s classic The Land Before Time… then forward again to New York’s Fifth Avenue for the Disney animated remake of Oliver Twist: Oliver and Company!

Intro & Who Framed Roger Rabbit follow-up [0:00]

New Movie News:

Jurassic World Live [8:43]

Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story [11:35]

Indiana Jones 5 coming in 2020 [17:20]

Oscar Nominations & Snubs [22:55]

Tom Hanks to play Mr. Rogers [26:35]

Cloverfield 3 moving to Netflix [28:53]

Ryan Reynolds in the Clue remake [29:40]

“Muppet Babies” is coming back [34:27]

Black Panther and Ant-Man & The Wasp [36:50]

The Movies:

Background info & trailers for The Land Before Time and Oliver & Company [39:25]

The Land Before Time discussion [48:38]

Oliver & Company discussion [1:25:00]

Wrap-up & Next Episodes [1:43:52]

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Who framed Roger Rabbit? And who doesn't love Saturday Morning Cartoons?! All of the answers to those questions in our newest episode!

1. Intro & Who Framed Roger Rabbit background info/trailer [0:00]

2. Who Framed Roger Rabbit discussion [10:15]

3. Late 80s cartoons & the "death of the Saturday morning cartoons" [57:27]

The trailers:



We're full speed ahead into 1988 with our first episode of the year. January is our animation month and we begin with an exploration of two very different ends of the anime spectrum: My Neighbor Totoro and AKIRA.

1. Intro [0:00]

2. My Neighbor Totoro and AKIRA background info/trailer [5:09]

3. My Neighbor Totoro discussion [15:13]

4. AKIRA discussion [1:07:23]

5. Wrap-up [1:33:06]


The trailers

My Neighbor Totoro:



As our voyage through the movies of 1987 comes to a close, John waxes nostalgic on his favorites from this last year — both from 1987 and the new releases of 2017. If you’ve enjoyed the podcast this year, buckle up, because once this baby hits ’88…


We all had a chance to watch The Last Jedi at least once, so John, Jeff, Pat, and Dennis sat down to talk through our feelings — and there were many — about the newest installment in the Star Wars saga.

1. Intro [0:00]

2. The Last Jedi background info/trailer [6:20]

3. Negative Reactions to The Last Jedi [15:00]

4. The Last Jedi discussion [28:13]

5. Wrap-up [2:26:28]


When a one-night stand turns into a couple of nights... and then Dan suddenly remembers he's married to a fantastic wife, has a great kid, and a fairly low-maintenance dog... you've got either a recipe for disaster or bunny soup. Whichever one sounds tastier.

1. Intro & Ready Player One discussion [0:00]

2. Fatal Attraction background info/trailer [10:25]

3. Fatal Attraction discussion [18:52]

4. Wrap-up [51:54]

The trailer:



In a movie that's campy in more ways than one, Ernest P. Worrell tries to help a group of misfit boys turn their lives around and save Camp Kikakee from the evil developer Sherman Krader who just wants the land so he can tear it up and mine it. With a little help from the boys, some turtles, and the secret recipe for eggs erroneous, Ernest might just save the day.

1. Intro & Disney-Fox merger news [0:00]

2. Ernest Goes to Camp background info/trailer [36:40]

3. Ernest Goes to Camp discussion [40:57]

4. Wrap-up [1:09:01]

The trailer:


Justice League was a step in the right direction for the DCEU. John, Jeff, Pat, Bo, and special guest Will talk about why this is one of the best DCEU movies to date!

1. Intro [0:00]

2. Justice League background info/trailer [6:08]

3. Justice League discussion [18:23]

4. Wrap-up [1:40:28]

The trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cxixDgHUYw&t=6s 


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