August 3, 2017

Episode #143: “All Good Podcasts…” | Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)

Space... the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise... first airing in 1987 and running 7 seasons, The Next Generation was the definitive Star Trek for 80s kids. Join us as we get all dressed up for a Betazoid wedding and talk about our favorite characters, episodes, aliens and ships.


1. Intro [0:00]

2. Ranking the Star Trek: The Next Generation era films [7:51]

3. Which character do you most resemble or most want to be? [14:15]

4. Worst 5 episodes [24:06]

5. Top 5 favorite episodes overall [34:53]

6. Favorite episode from each season [55:56]

7. Wrap-up/Bye-bye [1:12:33]

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